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We are clearing out our store of merchandise that hasn't sold in a timely manor or our suppliers have discontinued.

This is where we store the stuff until we put it on ebay. Merchandise is coming and going all the time.

I think it is only fair to give my customers the first crack at this quality merchandise. I just want it out of the store.

Picture getting great gifts without the hassle of bidding on ebay. I want you, my customer, to have first crack.

Shop often. You never know when you will find exactly what you are looking for at a warehouse price.


Rex M. Tubbs
Engraving Connection
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Now is the time to purchase that Christmas gift!

The odds of find this good of a deal at Christmas are slim. Now is the time to act for that special someone with the perfect gift!


We want our customers to have first crack at these great values!

Family Gifts

I was looking around the store and spotted great gifts for family mambers that has been sitting around. Now you have access to the warehouse for great deals.

Cristal D'Arques Vase

42275 Cristal D'Arques Vase
7 1/4" tall and base 2" square. We even have room to etch a name or initials on the side. This will make a great gift for mom or anybody special in your life.

Retail $25.00
Your price before it goes to Ebay $12.50

Etch a name or initials FREE.

$7.00 for shipping or pick it up at the store.

Buy it now - only 10 to sell.

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Apple Tray Silver Plated

8229 Apple Tray - Silver plated
8" tall by 9" wide. Room for 3 lines of engraving in the center. This would be a great gift for a teacher for Christmas or at the end of the school year.

Retail $15.00
Your price before it goes to Ebay
$10.00 with 3 lines FREE engraving.

Buy it now - we only have 5 to sell.

$7.00 for shipping or pick it up at the store.

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41379 sterling Decanter

41379 Sterling Decanter
23.5 oz. Picture this with your favorite adult beverage. We can etch your name or the name of your beverage on the side of the decanter. Makes a great gift or an addition to your home.

Retail $30.00
Your price before it goes to Ebay

Name etched FREE

$7.00 For Shipping or Pick it up FREE

Buy It Now - 6 to Sell

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